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To ensure you enjoy maximum satisfaction, all Proton vehicles undergo a Pre Delivery Inspection by your Proton Dealer in accordance to the recommended inspection schedule set by Proton Cars Australia.

A well serviced Proton drives better and lasts longer, which is why we have made servicing your Proton as easy and convenient as possible. So why should you have your Proton serviced at an Authorised Proton Service Centre? Here are 10 good reasons.

  • 1. Convenience 
    Authorised Proton service centres will help make servicing your Proton as convenient as possible with their Proton customer service standards
  • 2. Applying for a warranty 
    To apply for warranty your car needs to be taken to an authorized Proton service centre
  • 3. Keeping your car safe and reliable
    Authorised Proton service centres will maintain your car using genuine Proton parts which is the key to economy, safety and reliability from your vehicle
  • 4. Specialised technicians 
    Only authorized Proton service centres have factory trained technicians, special tools and the equipment that is necessary to correctly service your Proton vehicle
  • 5. Increase the value of your car 
    Keeping up to date with scheduled maintenance performed by an Authorised Proton service centre will enhance the value of the car in the eyes of a prospective purchaser
  • 6. Compliance with regulations 
    Keeping your Proton genuine will ensure your vehicle is maintained well and continues to comply with all certification requirements and also meets Government regulations relating to vehicle safety and environmental controls
  • 7. Relevant assistance and advice 
    An authorized Proton service centre can also provide assistance and advice on correct operation and use of your vehicle which will keep your car healthy.
  • 8. Competitive service rates 
    Authorised Proton service centres offer competitive rates and are better equipped to effectively and efficiently service and repair your Proton.
  • 9. Avoid breaking conditions of warranty 
    Your warranty may be void if your vehicle has not been serviced in accordance with Proton's maintenance requirements or in the event non-genuine Proton Parts are used. By ensuring your Proton is serviced at an authorised Proton service centre you can help avoid breaking conditions of the warranty.
  • 10. Keep your service record up to date 
    An authorised Proton service centre can help you keep your service record up to date and your car will thank you for it.
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