6 SRS Airbags - Reverse Sensors - Bluetooth™ & iPod© Connectivity - Steering Wheel Audio & Phone Controls

Prevé – Reassuring

Beneath the plush trimmings lies an interconnected web of safety features and technology; such as its Reinforced Safety Structure (RESS) that helps ensure the cabin remains intact during a collision. Active Headrests that help prevent neck injuries and a Collapsible Steering Wheel that breaks apart to avoid impacting the driver – all designed to work in harmony to keep you protected and in control as much as possible.



The RESS achieves better torsional rigidity yet retaining ideal weight, which adds to the Prevé’s fuel efficiency. It is designed to offer maximum protection from front, side and rear impacts. Its frame consists of 12 key components forged using the hot press process for high-tensile strength.